Values and Goals


Guiding Values

  • Transparency – Our operating processes for the services we provide are clearly presented in records/reports of our activities and readily accessible to our stakeholders.

  • Accountability – Annual reports are made available to our stakeholders, and the Board is representative of stakeholders and accountable to them.

  • Integrity – Our stakeholders are confident in the consistency and predictability of our processes and services.

  • Perspective – The Colorado Episcopal Foundation undertakes the long-term development and use of its assets for mission (leadership, property, and financial) in support of congregations and diocesan institutions.

  • Responsible and Generous Stewardship – Our theology of stewardship recognizes that because all we have comes from God our goal is to increase individual and congregational capacity for stewardship.


  • To provide long-term perspective to the congregations, entities, and Office of the Bishop.

  • To promote spiritual and financial health by providing an array of investment products, financial services, education, and support for ministries in the Diocese.

  • To provide leadership through education on endowments, planned giving, and investments.

  • To offer individual donors consultation and administration for planned-giving options.

  • To explore options for the best use of real assets for the growth of future ministries.

  • To support the Legacy Society Initiative for the benefit of individual congregations and Episcopal institutions.

  • To make every effort to increase the Foundation’s long-term endowment year-by-year.