Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals


The Mission of the Colorado Episcopal Foundation (CEF) is to maximize the long-term financial resources of the congregations and individuals of the Episcopal Church in Colorado in order to build church capacity for mission and ministry. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives that address personal finance, congregational finance, and corporate finance based on our theology of stewardship.


The Vision of the Colorado Episcopal Foundations is to be the trusted leader in providing consultation, training, services, and products for the stewardship of finances, resources, and assets of our stakeholders who are the members, congregations, and institutions of the Episcopal Church in Colorado; to have a substantial majority of the funds held for medium- and long-term purposes by the congregations and institutions of the Diocese as assets under management; and to be able to support core programs with income from Foundation endowment assets.  

Guiding Values

  • Transparency – Our operating processes for the services we provide are clearly presented in records/reports of our activities and readily accessible to our stakeholders.
  • Accountability – Annual reports are made available to our stakeholders, and the Board is representative of stakeholders and accountable to them.
  • Integrity – Our stakeholders are confident in the consistency and predictability of our processes and services.
  • Perspective – The Colorado Episcopal Foundation undertakes the long-term development and use of its assets for mission (leadership, property, and financial) in support of congregations and diocesan institutions.
  • Responsible and Generous Stewardship – Our theology of stewardship recognizes that because all we have comes from God our goal is to increase individual and congregational capacity for stewardship.


  • To provide long-term perspective to the congregations, entities, and Office of the Bishop.
  • To promote spiritual and financial health by providing an array of investment products, financial services, education, and support for ministries in the Diocese.
  • To provide leadership through education on endowments, planned giving, and investments.
  • To offer individual donors consultation and administration for planned-giving options.
  • To explore options for the best use of real assets for the growth of future ministries.
  • To support the Legacy Society Initiative for the benefit of individual congregations and Episcopal institutions.
  • To make every effort to increase the Foundation’s long-term endowment year-by-year.