Who We Are

In 1983, a small group of Diocesan leaders incorporated the Colorado Episcopal Foundation to provide special financial support for the work of the Episcopal Church in Colorado. In 1986, the Standing Committee designated the Foundation to receive and steward funds from the Colorado Trust, which named the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado as a beneficiary. Entrusting the annual stream of funding for the long term benefit of the church was a visionary step. For more than three decades, dedicated lay and clergy trustees, with expertise in finance, investments, real estate, the law, business management, and stewardship, have provided strategic and policy guidance.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Colorado Episcopal Foundation (COEF) is to maximize the long-term financial resources of congregations and individuals in the Diocese of Colorado in order to build church capacity for mission and ministry. This is done through programs and initiatives which address personal finance, congregational finance, and corporate finance based on the underlying theology of stewardship.

History of the Foundation

Board of Trustees