Financial Services

The Foundation supports the Episcopal Church in Colorado in safeguarding the future of the church by offering board-managed financial investment options, property advisement, and planned giving tools at no charge to churches and their members.

Today the Colorado Episcopal Foundation invests and manages funds on behalf of the Diocese and over 70% of Colorado congregations and several Episcopal Institutions. Foundation staff administer investments, conduct training workshops, provide technical assistance, and consult with individuals and congregations throughout the Diocese. Trustees oversee church investments of over $23 million and manage the Foundation endowment fund of over $5.5 million.

 Church Investment Services

 Over 70% of Episcopal Churches in
 Colorado trust the Foundation to grow
their savings for future generations. 

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individual Planned Giving

 The Foundation administers   
planned and legacy gifts free-of- 
 charge for parishioners.

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Make A Gift Of Stock

  Stock gifts are an easy way to give more than you are ordinarily able to.


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Congregational Loans

Congregational loans allow parishioners to give fixed-term
loans to their Church.

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   church Endowments

Let the Foundation help you set up
your endowment in a way that serves your individual Church needs.


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